The Equinox Studios in Georgetown

Screenshot (1)

November is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to be joining the Equinox Studios community.  Our new address is 6564 5th Ave S., Seattle WA 98108

Equinox Studios was founded in 2006 as an enclave of Artists and Artisans in a World War II era factory building in Georgetown, Seattle. The building is heavy timber, post and beam architecture brought back to its original glory by exposing the wood floors, ceilings and beams and clearing out the detritus of almost 75 years of a working factory building.

You can find 36 studios and shops with over 50 Tenants doing amazing work from blacksmithing and metal sculpture, to painting and ceramics, with woodwork, leatherwork, glass, photography, ice cream and NOW TAMALES!!. This community is growing and collaborating to create inspiring work and engage the public, allowing them to come and experience the Arts in the place where they are made. Learn more about the story of Equinox Studios

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