Where our meat comes from


We are proud to call Nicky Farms our top meat purveyor since November 2016. Nicky Farms is a group of family-owned, sustainable farms and ranches across the Northwest, which allows them to offer the finest of natural game birds and animals produced anywhere.

In serving our Duck Confit tamales we have learned that not everyone likes duck because of its gaminess, but according to Nicky Farms, “Game is a healthier choice than commercially raised beef, pork, and lamb. Naturally lower in fat and cholesterol, ranch-raised meats do not exhibit the gamier flavor characteristics because the animals graze stress-free and are harvested gently.

Duck from Nicky Farms is barn-raised without the use of steroids, and the ducks grow for 70-85 days versus 42-45 days for most ducks. They are Muscovy ducks, which have been a long time favorite for Europeans, and are now the top choice for chefs in the U.S.

The chicken we buy from Nicky Farms is raised without the use of antibiotics and raised with excellent husbandry practices. Chickens are grown in spacious housing with plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air and have sufficient room to move around the entire house. They are free range: given outdoor access which helps contribute to a stress-free living environment. These chickens are also fed a 100% vegetarian diet.

Click Here!  to find out more about Nicky Farms, and where you can buy their products. (Metropolitan Market is one of many places!)


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