Summer is over…moving into fall!


Starting our food vending business in June was quite the whirlwind, but we made it!

We were able to sell tamales at small festivals, really big festivals, the Queen Anne farmers market, we even survived our first catering event! We have learned immensely in the past 3 months, and we are excited to see where next summer takes us.

But for now? it’s time for fall and wintertime tamales! As many know already, tamales are traditionally served around Christmas time, when the whole family can participate in the tamale making process. We are thrilled that customers from Texas, Arizona, California and here in Seattle are asking us if we will be selling tamales by the dozen in the winter. Rest assured that we are working on it!

We are getting packaging sorted out, and figuring out the best ways to get you your tamales as fresh as possible. I will also be setting up an order form on this website for anyone who would like to order tamales from us for a Seahawks game, friends/family gathering, small event, or just because! We will bring them to your office, or doorstep, on a designated day during the week. We’re thinking “Tamale Tuesday” sounds fitting:)

Thank you all for supporting us in this crazy entrepreneurial journey of ours! We look forward to dishing you up some delicious tamales really soon:)

Nos vemos pronto!

all our best to you and yours,

Lauren and Juan



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