Second Festival

We want to thank everyone who came to see us at Queen Anne Days on July 9th! It was another successful event for The Tamale Guy!

We are slowly but surely working out the kinks, and learning a lot from every festival. We had a few customers order a tamale, and come back for more! We even had a few customers who had never had a tamale before…glad ours could be the first!

We haven’t had a professional banner made yet, so the one I made got wet over night and the ink bled as you can see in the picture šŸ˜¦ however we currently have a wonderful graphic designer working on our logo and we can’t wait to have a banner made with the awesome logo he’s designing! His name is JC, and in case someone out there is needing some graphic design work done, he’s fantasticĀ Check him out here!

This time we served Horchata with the tamales, and it was a big hit. We sold out of it within the first few hours. It was a very refreshing rice water beverage with mint and coconut powder.

We are going to have our busiest week yet next week with our first Queen Anne farmers market appearance on Thursday the 21st, and the Alki Art Fair the 2 days following. But it should be fun, if you know Juan, you understand he likes a good challenge. Luckily we just have to haul our stuff a few blocks for the Alki art fair though!

Hope to see your beautiful faces next week.



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