Our first festival!

We survived!

For our first festival EVER we got to go just right up the street to the Morgan Junction Community festival. The weather was a little touch and go, but as it sometimes does in Seattle, it poured down rain for about 20 minutes and that was it.

The people we met at the festival were fantastic! We felt a great amount of support, and loved all the feedback. We can’t be any more grateful that we got to break ground on this business in our own neighborhood. Thank you so much to the people of West Seattle!

Things we learned? first off….bring the right fire extinguisher!!

The fire marshall was there minutes after we arrived, and it turns out there were some wires crossed on the correct type of fire extinguisher needed when you’re using open flame. Juan had to run to ACE hardware to get the one the fire marshall requested just an hour before the festival was supposed to start.

We also learned to bring a backup card reader. Our brand new card reader decided not to work and we didn’t want to force people to pay cash. Luckily the wonderful Kabob n’ Kabob guys in the booth next to us let us borrow one of theirs 🙂 Thanks guys!

We sold out of our vegetable tamales (grilled asparagus with deglazed mushrooms and pinto beans) about 3/4 of the way through the festival, so that was duly noted! Our second tamale we were offering was fennel pork belly with charred tomatillo salsa. We came back with about 25 of those which we gave away to our neighbors (they love it when we do that).


We will eventually be serving our SWEET TAMALES. Yes you read that right, sweet tamales. Now I know a lot of you probably have never tried a sweet tamale before but trust me, you will be HOOKED. And if you have had a sweet tamale before, you’ve never had one like Juan’s. Pineapples foster in rum sauce with cinnamon and coconut? Strawberry rhubarb with pickled watermelon, jicama with a lemon marscapone? All tamales we’ve been testing. Can’t WAIT for you to try them. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you for reading friends, we hope to satisfy your tastebuds soon!

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